Mass and Balance

Simple mass and balance calculator for airplanes
AircraftM&B SheetNotes
Cessna A152 Aerobat
Diamond DA-40D Star
Cirrus SR20
Diamond DV20E
Diamond DA20-C1 (800 kg)
Cessna 172S Diesel
Diamond DA 40 NG Star
Piper Warrior II PA28-161

The above mass and balance sheets are functional at least in the latest Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

The mass and balance sheets found on this page are completely unofficial and using them for any airplane M&B calculations is entirely under the user's own responsibility.

These sheets are targeted for the aircraft with the specific registrations above. Using them to check the M&B of any other aircraft, even of the same type and model, will give false results.

I strongly recommend double checking the calculations before taking off.

Have a safe flight!



  • Update OH-STL default fuel flow value.
  • 08.07.2020

  • Update OH-ESR weight.

  • Show old updates


  • Updated OH-STL CG limits graph.
  • 13.04.2016

  • First draft for OH-STL after NG conversion!
  • 01.03.2016

  • Invalidate OH-STL data while it's waiting for Austro engine conversion.
  • 25.09.2014

  • Use an arrowhead to depict landing CG instead of a circle & draw a line between take-off and landing CGs.
  • Retired OH-PYW since it has been sold to UK.
  • OH-DDS data updated.
  • 27.06.2014

  • Bring OH-COX back with an updated basic weight.
  • 14.05.2014

  • Enter numbers with keyboard by clicking on the yellow squares.
  • 13.05.2014

  • Use 'oninput' for input type range sliders and remove Frank Yan's javascript range implementation.
  • 12.05.2014

  • Added OH-IHQ first draft (old weighing report)
  • 20.10.2013

  • Retired OH-COX due to a wreck caused by nose gear collapse earlier this year.
  • 13.08.2013

  • Make Firefox 23 input range sliders work interactively
  • 12.08.2013

  • Added OH-TIL first draft
  • 17.06.2013

  • OH-STL status from draft to checked
  • 12.06.2013

  • Added OH-STL first official draft
  • 04.06.2013

  • Removed link to OH-CTL, which has been converted to a float plane
  • 21.05.2012

  • Added OH-KAT first draft
  • 08.04.2012

  • Added support for checkbox rows for equipment like wheel fairings
  • 07.04.2012

  • Improved warning text
  • 06.04.2012

  • Fixed center of gravity limit checks
  • Works in Firefox
  • 04.04.2012

  • Template redone to be more finger friendly
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